How to Lose Weight Around Menopause

Is It Possible to Lose Weight Around Menopause? When I visit the gym, I see other women and men in their forties through sixties working the machines like their life depended on it.  They run the treadmill forty-five minutes, they use the stair climber another ten or fifteen, then they push themselves in the weight… Continue reading How to Lose Weight Around Menopause

Keto VS. Metabolic Typing Diet

Is Keto Right for You? A friend of mine has been doing the Keto diet for nearly two years now.  She swears by it and tells everyone she knows to get on it.  But, as much as she’s excited about it, she’s also admittedly worried she’s now losing too much weight.  She’s one of the… Continue reading Keto VS. Metabolic Typing Diet

Weight Loss Over 40

What you don’t know can hurt you We all age, and usually beginning in your early 30s and 40s, hormones become the issue.   Food sensitivities increase, metabolism slows down, yet people continue to eat the same as they did when they were younger.  As we age, our caloric needs also reduce.  At most, I recommend… Continue reading Weight Loss Over 40

Pros and Cons of Body Contouring Treatments

Body sculpting pros and cons Body contouring is gaining popularity.  Most body contouring procedures are meant for reducing the fat in smaller, more difficult areas, and most devices are limited to the amount of area they can treat.   Though there are several different body contouring treatments on the market, some unfortunately, have more cons than… Continue reading Pros and Cons of Body Contouring Treatments