Sunetics hair laser

When looking in a mirror, how often do you look at your hair? When you get ready in the morning? When you take photos? If you had more hair, would you feel more confident in those scenarios?

Did you know 50% of men and 33% of women suffer from hair loss?

There’s something you can do about hair loss with the state-of-the-art Sunetics hair laser technology at Body Contourz.


How it works Sunetics laser?

The Sunetics laser offers a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for hair loss to help you regrow your own natural hair.

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Sunetics hair laser

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    Hair Loss Q & A

    50% of men and 25% of women suffer from hair loss: a progressive disease that may affect your patients’ confidence, self-esteem, job opportunities, and personal relationships. Traditional non-invasive treatments require patients to take a drug or use topical medications, such as Propecia™ or Minoxidil, every day for the rest of their life. More invasive treatments (Transplants and PRP) require costly, painful surgery or the use of needles.

    Male pattern baldness is the biggest culprit for hair loss in men. This genetic condition means you inherit hair follicles that are sensitive to DHT (a byproduct of testosterone), so the lifespan of the hair follicle is shorter than normal. Eventually, the follicles may stop producing hair altogether.

    Women’s hair loss can come from the same condition of having hair follicles that are overly sensitive to DHT. Additionally, as a woman, you may experience hair loss or thinning hair as a result of a traumatic physical experience like pregnancy and childbirth, malnutrition, or chemotherapy.

    The Sunetics laser system uses low-level light therapy (LLLT) to stimulate your hair follicles so they produce new hair growth. The Sunetics laser is FDA-cleared for use on men and women who experience thinning hair and hair loss, and it’s a noninvasive, pain-free procedure without side effects.


    LLLT has the unique ability to:

    • Increase circulation within hair follicles
    • Increase the way the follicles absorb nutrition
    • Increase the removal of DHT
    • Repair weakened hair follicles
    • Increase oxygen and calcium ion mobilization
    • Decrease inflammation within follicles

    LLLT works at a cellular level to remove DHT and stimulate your hair follicles to grow new, healthy hair. As a result, you get fuller, thicker hair that grows naturally from your head.

    You experience results from Sunetics LLLT treatments in three stages: 

    • Reduction of hair loss
    • Thicker, fuller hair
    • New hair growth

    Over a series of treatment sessions, you first notice that you’re losing less hair, then that the quality of your existing hair growth improves, and finally that your new hair grows into normal, full-sized hairs because the follicles are no longer damaged.

    The team at Body Contourz works with you to develop an individualized treatment plan based on your needs. The treatment itself is a convenient, 20-minute session in which you sit comfortably under the Sunetics laser so the light can shine on your head. There’s no downtime or side effects, and you can return to your daily activities immediately following your session.

    To learn more about this innovative treatment for hair loss, call to schedule an appointment or book online today.


    The Sunetics Laser uses Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to stimulate the hair follicles, healing them and helping them to regrow into thick, normal sized hairs.

    Our FDA Cleared technology offers No Pain, No Drugs, No Surgery, and No Side Effects.  Cold lasers that use a wavelength of 650 nm have been clinically proven to have a healing effect on the body, causing an increase in cell activity.

    Low Level Laser Therapy has clinically proven results:

    99% of patients see a decrease in excess shedding and a stabilization in their hair loss. 90% plus of patients see measurable regrowth.

    Phase I: Stop Hair loss – Initial Corrective treatment- 6 months

    Phase 2: Hair Regrowth -6 months

    Phase 3: Hair Maintenance -12 months

    There has be to at least 1 day between 2 treatments.




    If you miss your appointment for any reason, you can make up by rescheduling with in same week so long as there is a least 1 day between 2 treatments.

    Each treatment lasts 20 min. There is no need to shampoo or do anything special to your hair in preparation for the appt. 

    There will be photos taken before you start treatments.

    There will be photos taken every month to document your progress in Phase 1 and every 2 months in Phase 2.