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What if we told you we have a way to create the body image you are looking for, with NO surgery, NO pain, NO downtime, and NO side effects. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? What if we told you some of the technology never even touches your body?

Body Contourz goals

Here at Body Contourz, our goal is to help you get the body image you are looking for: ultimate body contouring. Our purpose is to service our clients across multiple facets. When we speak of “Body Contourz” we are not only looking to contour through fat reduction and weight loss, but we also pay attention to your face and hair.

One of the biggest complaints we have heard in this field is how certain procedures or treatments are painful, expensive, and take way too long to get results. Your body deserves the best, so we heard your concerns, and we went out and found the best technology out there. We help with fat loss, weight loss, non-surgical face lifts, hair regrowth, and skin tightening!

UltraSlim by Body Contourz:

While other technologies may take a few months to see changes in fat loss, our machine shows you IMMEDIATE RESULTS. UltraSlim is a patented, FDA-approved body contouring technology that reduces fat and tightens skin on nearly any area of the body that’s hard to reshape. Your weight loss dreams are FINALLY attainable with no pain, no downtime, no side effects and no surgery!

TempSure Envi by Body Contourz:

Your face is like a beautiful canvas that deserves to be taken care of. For the clients wanting to keep their faces looking young and vibrant, we found the most powerful radio frequency device for a non-surgical facelift. This machine gives the best result in the shortest period of time. Tempsure is the best bang for your buck, and we know how to take good care of your gorgeous face.

Sunetics by Body Contourz:

Clients often have attention on their hair. With this cutting-edge, FDA-approved Sunetics laser technology, we help our clients prevent hair loss and regrow their own natural hair. We know how important it is for you to feel those luscious locks, and that’s why we are here for you.

As you can see, we are here to serve you with the best technology out there, giving you that “healthy glow” and achieving the ultimate Body Contourz Experience.

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UltraSlim® light therapy

A patented, FDA-approved body contouring technology that reduces fat and tightens skin on nearly any area of the body that’s hard to reshape.


FDA-approved to treat and prevent hair loss and regrow hair for both men and women.


Non-surgical treatments such as IPL and laser therapies (delivered by our doctor or nurse), and RF (Radiofrequency), to reduce wrinkles, sun damage, scars, and age-related skin issues.

Immediate Service

Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.

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    Body Contourz

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