Lymphatic Massage for Weight Loss

Lymphatic Massage for Weight Loss: how it works?

How amazing is your body? Imagine having the ability to flush out its own wastes and protect itself from possible threats! But modern living exposes you to a huge amount of chemicals, toxins and other unhealthy substances on a daily basis. This could take its toll on your lymphatic system, causing it to perform poorly. 

This is why lymphatic drainage is such a vital step in keeping your health at 100%. 

What does the lymphatic system do?

It feels really good to have a body that’s cleansed of unwanted toxins and wastes. That’s mostly thanks to your lymphatic system, which works on flushing up to 75% of the wastes out of your body to help it function as efficiently as possible. It also transports lymph around the body, which carries the white blood cells responsible for fighting infections.

Three main functions of the lymphatic system

So just imagine what happens when your lymphatic system clogs up. Headaches, muscle pain, skin breakouts, constipation — it’s like your body’s telling you that something needs to be done. Worse, your immune system could crash and you’ll be left vulnerable to different threats to your health.

How does lymphatic drainage help?

A Ballancer Pro, lymphatic massage for weight loss

Our lymphatic drainage for weight loss procedure is a non-invasive, highly-effective way of clearing out any clogs within your lymphatic system. Using the Balancer Pro compression system, your body’s circulation is greatly improved, pushing the buildup of toxins and wastes out of your system. This means that your white blood cells travel throughout your body faster, arming it with all the defense it needs against different health issues. 

Lymphatic massage for weight loss is also a great way to remove cellulites and varicose veins, and can tone your body especially in areas with deposits of excess fat. This leaves you feeling lighter and rejuvenated even after just a single session.

The main wonders of the lymphatic system:

Most importantly, in order to regulate these, the lymphatic system must be working properly, as it is the active “drain” and transport mechanism for many of them. The Ballancer®Pro can help improve that process.

The Ballancer®Pro Pro has become a go-to recovery fix for pro athletes, as well as celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Zac Efron. With this latest version of the lymphatic drainage massage, the massage is given by a programmable, inflatable jacket and pair of pants that extend from your stomach to your ankles.

Lymphatic massage before and after

Lymphatic massage for weight loss gives the body a number of health benefits.

What are the benefits of lymphatic massage?

  • Cellulite reduction. This is definitely the most obvious aspect of lymphatic massage.
  • Relax. Lymphatic drainage is practiced in leisure time, away from daily activities.
  • Reduction of water retention. The lymphatic system is tasked with transporting and disposing of the body’s waste fluids.
  • Increases metabolism. A healthy lymphatic system helps improve metabolism itself.
  • Weight loss. Lymphatic massages are an excellent choice for who cannot exercise regularly.

Lymphatic drainage is a healthy practice that is good for our health and, when practiced correctly, brings everything we need.

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