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Beauty and beauty trends are always evolving. What’s in right now, might not necessarily be fashionable in 5 years’ time. 

However, there are a few beauty tips and tricks that stand the test of time. Tips and tricks that come in handy when you need them the most.???? 

After scouting the internet, and doing our own in-depth research, we have created a list of some of the most interesting and practical beauty tips we came across. 

Do You Suffer From Acne? Use Ice Cubes ????

Using ice cubes to prevent acne is a popular old wives tale. 

If you suffer from inflammatory acne, ice cubes could be the secret weapon you’ve been looking for.

Putting ice on your pimple reduces inflammation, and in turn, reduces its size. Some people have claimed that using ice on a pimple helps get rid of it entirely.

Avoid using ice directly on your face. Wrap the ice in a paper towel or a cool compress as an alternative.

Chamomile Tea And Lemon Juice For Lighter Hair

A not-so-common tip is using chamomile tea and lemon juice to lighten your hair. 

If you’re looking to add highlights to your hair without using chemical bleach, then you might want to try this tip.

Chamomile tea is full of quercetin, a gentle hair-lightening agent that works great!

Unfortunately, steeping your hair in chamomile tea won’t make you a blonde overnight. However, you will see a marked difference the more you do it.

Simply make a strong concoction of chamomile tea mixed with lemon juice, dip your hair in, cover with a shower cap overnight, shampoo, and condition your hair the next morning. 

Pepto-Bismol…But For Your Face

Pepto Bismol face mask? Yes, that’s right! 

Pepto Bismol is great for more than your stomach issues. Pepto Bismol contains salicylic acid and aspirin which are both great for treating acne inflammation. 

Beta hydroxy acid is also found in Pepto Bismol and it works wonders in unclogging pores. 

Apply a thin layer of this medicine as a mask, wait for it to harden, and clean your face after. 

Use Raw Potatoes To De-Puff Your Eyes

Why not swap the cucumbers for potatoes?

If you suffer from dark under-eye circles, and you’re looking to brighten your skin – raw potatoes will do the trick! ????

Freeze a few slices of raw potatoes and place them on each eye for approximately 15 minutes. 

In Conclusion

Everyone needs beauty tips and tricks every now and then – and they really come in handy when used well!

Not all beauty tricks work for everyone. Choose the most suitable for you and your needs and see how it works for you.

If you’re adventurous, you could try them all and make your own decision.

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