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Similar to skincare products, hair removal methods are private and personal decisions. Some might enjoy the convenience of shaving, while others prefer waxing. In recent years, sugaring has gained popularity as an alternative to all other hair removal methods.

But what is sugaring and what are its benefits?

What Is Sugaring?

Sugaring has its roots all the way back to ancient Egypt. It is one of the best and most natural ways of removing unwanted hair. 

Sugaring is done using a sticky paste to remove hair. The paste is made up of water, lemon, and sugar – all of which are natural and safe to use on the body. 

Unlike waxing, the sugaring paste is applied against the direction of hair growth and removed in the direction of your hair growth. This ensures that hair is removed directly from the root. 

How Does It Work?

The sugaring process begins by cleansing the area of the skin where you want hair removed.

The sugar paste is then warmed to about body temperature.

Once this is done, the powder is applied to the skin to protect it from the extreme sticky nature of the paste.

The sugar paste is then molded and applied to the skin against hair growth. The paste is allowed to dry and is later peeled off in the direction of your hair growth.

After the process is done, your aesthetician will clean you off and you’ll be good to go!

Sugaring is a pretty simple process and no cloth, strips, or sticks are used. 

Pros of Sugaring

  • Sugaring is quick and efficient.
  • Since only organic products are used, it is also safe for the body and people with various skin conditions can use this hair removal method.
  • Some people might find the sugaring process less painful than waxing. However, it should still be mentioned that sugaring is painful. 
  • Continuous sugaring leads to less hair growth. That also means that with every sugaring process, the pain is more bearable.
  • Unlike shaving, the results last longer, and fewer sugaring sessions are required to keep your body silky smooth. Results typically last between 3 and 5 weeks and it depends on your body and hair type.

In Conclusion

The sugaring process is an amazing alternative to all other hair removal methods. However, this decision is a personal one. Always choose a method you are most comfortable with and always go for the safest alternative.

If you do decide to choose sugaring as your preferred method, always visit an expert to make sure that you do it correctly to avoid side effects like burns and bruising.

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