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8 Holiday Weight Loss Tips!

1. During the Holidays Sugar is all around us, calling to us, but instead of heeding its call, be proactive and make your own sweets with whole-food ingredients and sugar substitutes such as monkfruit and stevia.

2. Stay Active, Holidays means family for many, but sometimes that also means sports on TV. Make holidays active, play games, get outside, make a new holiday tradition of taking a walk or run with family and friends.

3. Get sleep. To lose weight and to keep your weight from creeping up, sleep is very important. Lack of sleep can increase hunger, so don’t deprive yourself. Get good sleep.

4. Avoid processed foods. Like #1, it’s important to eat whole foods and healthy fats. These things are not available in the freezer section or made in the microwave.

5. Have an accountability partner. Reach out to a friend with like goals and partner up to keep each other accountable.

6. Cook with steam or bake or grill and use healthy fats to do so, like avocado oil or coconut oil.

7. The holidays are a time to enjoy friends and family, for some this means alcohol. When you’re trying to lose or maintain a healthy weight over the holidays, understand that alcohol burns before fat, so use alcohol in moderation, or stick with alcohol free drinks. There are even alcohol-free wines and beers on the market.  Be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

8. Lastly, enjoy yourself, don’t fret if you slip up once. Instead be in the moment and enjoy yourself and time spent with family. Being present in the moment can assist you to make positive choices about food and also about the people you spend time with