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If you’ve spent some time on our website, then you’ve probably seen the amazing transformations we’ve helped several clients achieve. These are testimonials of the beneficial effects and differences of lymphatic drainage before and after.

These transformations can be credited to several factors, including our extremely popular lymphatic massages.

But is it just hype?

Here’s how lymphatic massage is great for anyone looking to lose weight.

Lymphatic Drainage Before and After -How do lymphatic drainage massages work?

lymphatic massage is not an ordinary massage, although you do get the same relaxing benefits.

A lymphatic drainage massage is a gentle light pressure massage that is applied on the skin to improve lymphatic flow.

Unlike other massages, a lymphatic massage is not meant to target the muscle. This is because lymphatic vessels are tiny and are found on the skin.

The aim of the massage is to stretch the skin to stimulate lymphatic pump.

The details around a proper lymphatic massage are much more complex, and that is why it is usually performed by experts who understand how to target the necessary areas.

So, how does affect weight loss?

A lymphatic massage does not lead to actual fat loss.

However, by improving your lymphatic drainage, you are able to reduce your water retention and bloating, and create a visible effect that works instantly – making it extremely popular with celebrities.

Apart from this, lymphatic massages are used to contour the body to give you your ideal figure.

The benefits of a lymphatic massage can only be maintained long term if you are able to maintain your healthcare regimen.

Are there any other health benefits?

A clogged lymphatic system poses other health risks, not just on the way you look.

Your lymphatic system plays a key role in helping your body get rid of toxins. Additionally, it transports disease fighting white blood cells so you can heal faster.

When your lymphatic system is out of balance, you are at-risk of certain health conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Lymphedema
  • Digestive disorders
  • Arthritis
  • Frequent headaches
  • Excessive weight gain
  • Chronic fatigue
  • And more…

How do you take care of your lymphatic system?

Simple daily activities like regular exercise are critical to maintaining a healthy lymphatic system.

A daily 15-minute run goes a long way in helping your circulation and, in the end, your overall health.

However, if you do notice that you are bloating more frequently or simply can’t lose weight using the traditional methods, you might need to visit a lymphatic drainage expert.

As mentioned above, excessive weight gain is one of the clearest signs that your lymphatic system needs attention.

The Body Contourz Solution

Our lymphatic drainage procedure is a non-invasive, highly-effective way of clearing out any clogs within your lymphatic system.

Using the Balancer Pro compression system, your body’s circulation is greatly improved, pushing the buildup of toxins and wastes out of your system. This means that your white blood cells travel throughout your body faster, arming it with all the defense it needs against different health issues.

Lymphatic drainage is also a great way to remove cellulites and varicose veins, and can tone your body, especially in areas with deposits of excess fat. This leaves you feeling lighter and rejuvenated even after just a single session.

Contact us here to learn more about our services and why they work so well.

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