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You’ve been working out, you’ve tried every diet under the sun – and NOTHING????! It’s still there, mocking all your efforts.

Well losing belly fat doesn’t need to be a grueling process. There are easy at-home options that could help you lose the extra fat without the need for extreme fad diets or intense workouts.

The fat around your belly is perhaps the most difficult to get rid of, so whatever methods you chose to do or have been doing, be patient with yourself!


Yes, it could be that simple????. Of course, relaxing alone won’t help you lose belly weight but did you know that the more stressed out you are, the more bloated you get?

The stress hormone cortisol increases glucose (sugar) in the body and this has a negative effect on your digestive system.

Not only will you gain excess abdominal fat, but you’ll also put your other organs at risk.

Ever thought about a lymphatic massage? Why not drain toxins from your body while getting maximum relaxation.

Increase Your Dark Chocolate Intake

Now, this is a tip that most of us can get behind. The secret to effectively including dark chocolate???? in your diet is moderation! Going overboard will have the opposite effect since dark chocolate is still high in calories.

A square or two a day should be enough to help you speed up your metabolism. Dark chocolate and cocoa beans are rich in polyphenols which help the body break down fat cells.

This particular tip has actually been tested. A user even claimed to lose up to 85 pounds in 8 months by changing her diet to include daily dark chocolate consumption!!

Increase Your Protein Intake

No, you don’t necessarily need to ride on the Keto or Paleo wave but eating more protein and reducing carbs will reduce that extra tum.

Proteins are muscle-building foods and the more muscles in your body the more fat your body can burn. Eating more protein also helps your body balance insulin, and controlling your insulin levels is important in regulating fat around your midsection.


Green Tea

Did you know that most weight-loss teas are simply green teas? Make your own at-home detox tea and instead of sugar- you can use stevia as a replacement. Green teas are rich in catechins which boost your metabolism and help the body break down excess fat – and that’s what we’re after in the long run!

Two to three cups of green tea every day should be enough to get your weight loss going.



When you include these tips with a healthy lifestyle, you should be able to start seeing results! We’re all unique so what works for you might not work for someone else.

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