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Cryotherapy is both a health and beauty technique that has always existed in one form or another.

In recent years, cryotherapy has taken new forms. Facials, skincare products, or “whole body” cryotherapy spa treatments are just a few ways you can include cryotherapy in your regular skincare routine. 

What Is Cryotherapy?

By now, you probably have an idea of what cryotherapy is. Simply put, cryotherapy is cold therapy. By introducing cold therapy to different areas of skin, it causes the blood vessels in that area to contract. This tightens your pores and helps your skin look rejuvenated

Cold therapy has been used by celebrities for years, helping them get that glow just before their red carpet appearances.

Cryotherapy can be something as simple as using an ice cube on your face or dipping your face in ice-cold water to brighten your complexion (which a lot of celebrities swear by). 

However, these are more simple ways of including this technique in your self-care routine. The following section lists some popular ways that cryotherapy is used effectively.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole-body cryotherapy is on the extreme end of cryotherapy. It simply requires a person to sit or stand in a cryo-chamber for five to ten minutes. During this period, your body is exposed to liquid nitrogen in sub-zero temperatures.

Users wear very few pieces of clothing usually including socks, gloves, or a headband. The clinic usually guides users on what they can wear and takes them through the treatment procedure. 

Apart from the amazing benefits it offers to the skin, some studies have shown that it also aids the weight loss process by boosting metabolism. 

Unfortunately, WBC is not fully safe for people with certain health conditions including hypertension, stroke, or if the person is at-risk of infection, has a pacemaker, is claustrophobic, or is pregnant. It’s important to speak to your doctor before looking into this treatment option.

Cryotherapy Facials

Cryotherapy facials are a safe way of practicing cryotherapy. 

The process involves having your face pumped with liquid nitrogen for two to three minutes. However, the entire facial usually takes 15 to 30 minutes.

These facials are quite popular, and the benefits include tighter and brighter skin. The increased blood flow also helps the skin appear healthier and fuller. Some people have even claimed that these facials have reduced their fine lines and age spots. 

Cryotherapy facials are a non-invasive treatment option and are a great option for people looking for alternatives to harsh chemical peels.

Cryotherapy Products

From masks to derma rollers, there are several cryotherapy products on the market that you can purchase today!

Metal cryo-sculpting rollers, sub-zero face and eye masks, and icy orbs are just a few products that claim to give you the benefits of cryotherapy for a fraction of the price.

Cryo-therapy tools like rollers and orbs have been used to contour the face, while facial masks are used to reduce redness and improve circulation in the face. 

In Conclusion

Cryotherapy used in safe forms is a great way of improving blood circulation in your face. Apart from helping you tighten and tone your skin, it improves how your face absorbs other facial products that you use.

Before choosing to do a whole-body cryotherapy treatment, speak to your doctor or a qualified health professional to see if you are legible. Cryotherapy facial masks and products are generally safe to use. 

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