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There has been no better time to be a woman than now. Granted, there’s still a lot that needs work but we have come such a long way.

However, femininity is still not embraced. You show too much emotion; you are considered weak. But women need to know that their femininity is power and embracing it is one way of accepting who they are.

So how do you fully embrace your femininity?

Remember You Don’t Have To Do It All.Yes, we all want our lives figured out and we want to be able to manage the issues and events in our lives. But we can’t do it all, at least not all the time. Part of embracing your feminine energy is recognizing that you are not a superhero and there are times when you need that extra hand to get you through. At the store, you might need extra help getting your bags to the car – accept the help from the bagger. Similarly, you might have been on a fitness journey and you are not seeing the desired results, reach out for help from a professional. It does not make you weaker.

Love Your Femininity

If you are someone who loves being feminine and you have shoved down those feelings for years, this is the time to let it shine through. Wear feminine clothing, buy that makeup product that you’ve always wanted to. Femininity might not be for every woman, however, if you feel the need to be more feminine, go ahead and do it. Pick out pretty clothes, clothes with flowery patterns, and wear those heels. Being more feminine does not make you weak and fragile.

Embrace Your Accomplishments

No matter how far you are from that specific goal, enjoy where you are at now. Recognize your successes and take pride in everything you have accomplished – even the smallest of accomplishments.

One factor that determines your success is in acknowledging just how much you have achieved. It gives you the confidence boost you need to keep on going for your goals.

Accept compliments, feel proud of how you look and your beauty. It is not conceited to love the way you look, feel proud of being in your skin.

Women need to be proud of who they are. They need to recognize and embrace their femininity. And like we said, as a woman, you don’t have to prove that you can do it all. It is perfectly okay (even encouraged) to seek that extra hand. If you are on a weight loss, or body positivity journey then speak to Body Contourz, we will be your partner in helping you achieve your desired body image.