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The phrase beauty sleep is not made up. Sleep is needed to help our skin, and other organs, recuperate and regenerate. If you’ve ever had a highly stressful and sleep-deprived week, you definitely saw its effects on your face. 

Here are four reasons why you should intentionally factor-in adequate sleep every day.

Fewer Wrinkles

Collagen in our skin is important to help prevent sagging. When we sleep, our bodies replenish and make new collagen. The more collagen you have in your skin, the fewer wrinkles you have. 

Additionally, our bodies respond to a few hours of sleep the same way it responds to stress – it produces high levels of cortisol. High levels of cortisol limit the production of collagen.

Experts actually say that if you only sleep for five hours, you will have twice as many wrinkles as someone who has slept for 7 hours.

Glowing Complexion

Having enough sleep increases the circulation of blood in your skin. This gives you a healthy glow every time you wake up. Lack of adequate sleep affects the circulation of blood making you appear ashen and dull.

Production of high levels of cortisol also constricts blood vessels which leads to a reduced amount of oxygen and nutrients the skin receives, in turn making the skin look dull and sallow.

Healthier, Fuller Hair

You probably weren’t expecting this third one but there is a correlation between lack of sleep and hair problems including; hair loss, breakage, damage, and even stunted growth.

When we sleep, our bodies replenish the minerals and nutrients that were used up during the day. The less you sleep, the fewer minerals and nutrients are replenished. This affects all organs of your body including the hair. 

Production of cortisol can also lead to hair loss.

Products Work Better

The ingredients in your beauty products will work better on your face when there is regular blood flow to your skin. 

The good news is that even though the effects of reduced amounts of sleep may be showing on your skin, they are pretty easy to treat. If your skin has been saggy, or you’re suffering from hair loss, our services at Body Contourz have been designed to treat these exact conditions.

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