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Whether you’re trying to lose weight or gain weight, understanding your body composition is an important step in the process.

Have you ever seen two people of the same gender and body weight but their bodies look completely different? That’s because they have different body compositions and they carry weight differently.

Understanding your body composition is more than just helping you maintain a certain weight, it’s a great way of understanding your overall health!

Why Is A Body Composition Analysis Important?

Body composition tests factor in your body shape and look at fat distribution in your body. 

It’s common knowledge that having excess body fat puts you at risk of various health risks including heart disease, diabetes, and more.

A body composition analysis will show you how your body distributes your “weight”. It’ll show the percentage of water weight, body fat weight, bone mass, and basal metabolic weight.

If you’ve been on a journey to achieve your body goals and haven’t been seeing results, then getting a body composition analysis will give you the blueprint you need to succeed.????

For people who are heavily into fitness and go to the gym regularly, they’ll have a better understanding of what areas you need to address when working out.

A body composition analysis will also show you which foods to consume to help you achieve and maintain your ideal body weight. 

What Are The Health Benefits?

Helping you feel more confident in your body is only one advantage of a body composition analysis.

By taking one of these tests and changing your diet and exercise practices, you’ll find yourself burning more calories and building more muscle mass. In turn, you’ll lose your excess fat and you’ll be healthier.

Users who take body composition analyses and implement the recommendations find that they have more energy, improved range of motion and their bodies simply function better ????. 

In Conclusion

A body composition test is the first step to helping you achieve your weight and/or body goals. In today’s society, it’s easy to adopt other influencers’ workout routines and hope for similar results. 

Unfortunately, this rarely works because our bodies are different, and how we add and lose weight is unique. The best way to make sure that your workout routine and your diet will work for you is by first understanding your body. 

Schedule a body composition analysis at Body Contourz today and take the most important step for your weight loss journey! 

Book a consultation with our professionals here or contact us for more info at 818-213-2576 or and find out what will work for you. 


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