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Who doesn’t love a good massage? ???? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get a full body massage, while improving your health at the same time?

That’s essentially what a lymphatic drainage massage does. Apart from helping you relax and destress, the health benefits of a lymphatic drainage massage are astounding

 But first, What Is A Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

A lymphatic drainage massage is a lymphatic therapy that stimulates the movement of lymphatic fluids in our body. 

The lymphatic fluid transports white blood cells across the body to fight infections and it also carries toxic waste away from critical organs like the spleen, tonsils, and appendix. Certain health conditions can result in the build-up of lymphatic fluid in the body.

A lymphatic drainage massage essentially helps the body drain this fluid into the circulatory system even faster. 

The Benefits: 

Boost Your Immune System

In the last two years, the pandemic has brought to focus the importance of having a strong immune system. 

Due to this, we’ve developed healthier eating habits and have generally been prioritizing our health. 

A lymphatic massage improves your immune function which promotes faster healing. A good massage acts as a manual manipulation to quicken the drainage of lymphatic fluids. 

The more waste you are able to get rid of, the stronger your immunity. This means you have a better defense system should you face any illnesses in the future.

Reduces Swelling

Pregnant women, people suffering from lymphedema or arthritis could greatly benefit from a lymphatic drainage massage. 

If you suffer from any of these conditions then you might have a buildup of fluid in your tissues. A lymphatic drainage massage will encourage the movement of lymphatic fluid throughout the body. This will stimulate the built-up fluid to move and drain into the body.

In turn, your body will be void of dead cells, toxins, and other waste products. 

Improves The Skin

Lymphatic drainage massages do wonders for the skin! And almost immediately ????

A simple 10-minute lymphatic massage on the face has been shown to improve circulation, reduce puffiness in the skin, deliver a radiant glow, and create a lifting effect

If you’ve observed a dulling of your skin tone, or increased puffiness. Try a lymphatic massage, and see immediate results!

Aids In Weight Loss

If you’ve been struggling with weight loss and you have put in all the work required with no results, then you might want to consider aiding the process with a lymphatic massage.

Although no fat loss is achieved through these massages, they help people suffering from water retention and bloating.

A lymphatic massage will also sculpt and contour your body and show off your figure even more.  

Apart from the physical benefits, a professional lymphatic drainage massage improves your metabolic rate. Regular massages keep your metabolic rate high, helping your body burn more fat. This helps you regulate your weight and maintain your weight loss!

In Conclusion

Celebrities have been using lymphatic drainage massages to help with their immunity and to achieve their body goals. From Hailey Beiber to Selena Gomez, they’ve all highlighted the wonderful benefits they’ve achieved from just a few sessions!

Are you curious to find out more about how a lymphatic drainage massage can work for you?  

Book a consultation with our professionals here or contact us for more info at 818-213-2576 or and find out what will work for you. 


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