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People make losing weight seem like a quick and easy process, but the weight loss process can be a rollercoaster ride. There are several reasons why weight loss isn’t as straightforward as it’s made out to be.

Short Term Changes

As you start your journey, you’ll probably make big promises and big changes. You might decide to cut out carbs or work out every day of the week. Although there’s nothing wrong with any of the choices you make, it’s important to make changes that you like and won’t be too difficult to stick with.

If you don’t particularly enjoy working out, then you might not stick to your goal of working out every day of the week. Abruptly stopping your new workout routine or diet will have a negative effect on the gains you have made. This means if you stop your daily workouts, your body will work to regain the weight you lost making all the work you did pointless.

To continuously see and/or maintain results, choose a workout or diet plan that is most practical for you and your lifestyle. 

Your Environment

If you intend to stick to your new changes, it is important to make sure your environment isn’t setting you up for failure. You might not be able to control your work environment, but you can choose what you surround yourself with at home.

Get a friend or family member on board and take part in at-home exercises like these workouts led by fitness instructor Roger Tsen. You might decide to change where you go out to eat or the types of food/snacks you buy for your home.

Though they might seem like small inconsequential acts, they matter when trying to keep you on track with your fitness and weight loss goals.

Your Support System

Your support system will be perhaps your biggest motivator. If you cannot find a strong support system from friends or family, then you might need a qualified professional who will not only cheer you on but will also give you sound and practical advice when it comes to hitting your weight goals. 

At Body Contourz we understand weight loss isn’t straightforward and sometimes we need an extra push to help us reach our goals. We prioritize your health by making sure any tips, tricks, or procedures we give will lead to the best results for YOU. Contact us today at 818-213-2576 or to book a FREE consultation with a qualified professional.