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You’re having a bad day, and you want to feel better immediately. Sometimes you can’t change the factors contributing to your sullen state, but you can take a few measures to improve your mood – at least right now. 

Please note that these steps are quick fixes, if you’ve been suffering from prolonged feelings of sadness and/or depression visit a licensed professional who will be able to provide a longer-lasting solution. 

Listen To Uplifting Music

If you are a lover of music, then you understand the impact a good playlist can have on your mood. Listening to music that you love stimulates your brain causing it to release the hormone dopamine which is critical for your emotional and cognitive functioning. 

Make a playlist of your favorite songs and listen to it on the go. If you are alone, sing or dance along and watch your mood improve.

Take A Walk Outside

A walk outside is a great way of lifting your spirits. 5 minutes of walking outside, preferably in a park, or in your backyard will do a lot for your mental health. A 2010 study showed that exercising in green spaces not only improves your well-being but also has a positive effect on your overall mental health. 

If you don’t know what exercises to do for a quick workout, check out these resources and choose a workout suitable for your activity level. 

Call Your Friend

Happier people have a strong network of family and friends. This does not mean you need to surround yourself with 10 people every day, but having at least two or three people you can call when life gets you down will come in handy every now and then.

Make sure you nurture your relationships and they will reward you when you need it most. Talking to a friend or meeting up with a friend releases oxytocin, yet another hormone that is critical in making us feel happy and content.

Stay Off Social Media – If It’s Making You Unhappy

Social media is a great resource for news and connecting with friends and family. If you feel like the content being delivered to you no longer makes you happy, take a step back, maybe for a day or two. Go back and evaluate who you follow and make the necessary changes.

Bad days are unavoidable but how we respond to them is completely within our power. 

Just like we have control over our mood, we have control over our bodies and the feelings we have around our self-image. If you feel like you need a physical change to help you achieve your ideal body image, contact us today at 818-213-2576 or to book a FREE consultation with a qualified professional.