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The Quarantine 15. That’s what medics and fitness experts are calling the extra weight we gained during the quarantine. Many of us stayed home longer than we expected and turned to comfort food and new recipes for solace – and inevitably, that led to extra weight.

Weight gain is to be expected through the different seasons in our lives, but sometimes it has us feeling a little less confident. Finding a safe and healthy way to achieve our ideal body image is important. After all, if we feel good; we look good; we do good!

At Body Contourz, our goal is to help you feel your best. And that often looks different for every individual – after all, we are all unique. Apart from the positive physical changes that you will see in your appearance after your treatment at Body Contourz, your mental health and other social relationships will change for the better. 

A confident you is a happier you.

If anything, the pandemic taught us is to take advantage of the opportunities around us. 

Body Contourz is an accessible way for you to achieve your goals. Besides a good diet and regular exercise, contouring techniques go the extra mile in helping define your shape and highlighting the changes you have been able to make to your body. They are also extremely useful in helping you lose weight. Our Ultra-Slim Treatment, for example, will help you lose 2 to 10 inches from your waist!

Take 2021 head-on, and get rid of the extra weight you gained during quarantine, and sign up for a treatment today!

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